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Implementing mitigation actions on-farm can reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, increase efficiency and benefit the business in financial terms.

The AgRE Calc © What If? App is an easy to use tool that quickly illustrates the impact that management scenarios have on the financial and environmental performance of beef, sheep, dairy, pig, poultry, arable and potato farms.

If your actual farm data has been entered into SAC Consulting’s web based AgRE Calc © tool, log into the App using your user name and password and start to explore the impact that management changes have on your farm. If your actual farm data has not been entered into AgRE Calc © you can still explore the impacts; simply click 'Explore sample data', then select the enterprise and system most representative of your farm.

If you wish to undertake a full resource efficiency assessment of your farm, register at www.agrecalc.com. AgRe Calc © will estimate the type, source and extent of GHG emissions produced from your whole farm, individual enterprises and products. These will be benchmarked against similar enterprises, highlighting areas where improvements can be made helping to improve the efficiency of your farm.

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