Neil Carter

Senior Consultant - SAC Consulting

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Neil Carter is a Senior Consultant at SAC Consulting in the North of England. He has a particular interest in livestock systems, and assessing enterprise performance, soil and nutrient management. Neil leads our Carbon for Farming project, delivered through the DEFRA Future Farming Resilience fund.

Articles by this author

Carbon for Farming Webinars

Neil Carter 15 Nov 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes Webinars: managing carbon and enterprise efficiencies to build resilience through the agricultural transition Arable Opportunities to Maximise Carbon Management Webinar: Thursday 16 December 2021 @ 7pm The focus for arable land in England has been targeted to rising input costs in recent months, but the long term issues surrounding Net Zero will start to become…

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Which Greenhouse Gases Does Your Farm Need to Reduce?

Neil Carter 8 Nov 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes Greenhouse gases are emitted from various sources. When in the atmosphere, these gases trap solar radiation which would normally be released, and in doing so retains this radiation which has a warming effect on the atmosphere. Are all greenhouse gases the same? You will no doubt have heard of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This is not…

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What is a Carbon Audit?

Neil Carter 1 Nov 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes The farming press is full of new and views on the drive for agriculture to achieve Net Zero status by 2040. And there is much talk that in order to do this, farms will need to undertake a carbon audit; but what actual IS a carbon audit? Well, put simply, it is an assessment of…

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Carbon for Farming: Support for Carbon Management

Neil Carter 20 Sep 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes Support available for carbon management and future farm resilience The DEFRA Future Farming Resilience Fund (FFR) is providing support for farmers in England as the industry moves into a period of Agricultural Transition. The Transition will be ongoing to 2027, when existing BPS support will end, and existing support systems will shift towards new schemes…

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