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Webinars: managing carbon and enterprise efficiencies to build resilience through the agricultural transition

Arable Opportunities to Maximise Carbon Management

Webinar: Thursday 16 December 2021 @ 7pm

The focus for arable land in England has been targeted to rising input costs in recent months, but the long term issues surrounding Net Zero will start to become more prominent over the next few years. Join Mark Bowsher Gibbs and Neil Carter as they discuss the issues surrounding carbon emissions from arable production alongside opportunities to build soil carbon.

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Slurry Management for Farmers in England

Webinar: Wednesday 1 December 2021 @ 7pm

With the Clean Air Strategy and the Farming Rules for Water, the next 5 years will see a great deal of attention paid to the infrastructure available for storing slurry on farms in England. Join Neil Carter to learn about what the rules mean in the immediate future, and what needs to be considered in the medium to long term. Alongside the legal requirements, the meeting will discuss how improved slurry management can also have a positive impact on carbon footprints, and also outline what we currently know of the proposed Slurry Investment Scheme.

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Grassland Opportunities to Maximise Carbon Management

Webinar: Tuesday 30 November 2021 @ 7pm

With grassland accounting for approximately 70% of the utilised UK agricultural area the race to reach Net Zero carbon emissions will undoubtedly involve some changes to how we manage this resource. Join Poppy Frater and Lorna MacPherson from SAC Consulting to hear about grassland management techniques involving getting the best from our grassland from a productivity / utilisation perspective, as well as how we can build soil carbon stocks.

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Farming in the Uplands: Opportunities for Carbon and Biodiversity

Webinar: Monday 29 November 2021 @ 7pm

The reduction in the Basic Payment Scheme commences in 2021, and begins a sharp drop up to 2028 when it will be zero. Upland businesses have relied on both BPS and Stewardship Schemes in recent years, and so any significant changes to funding schemes could have a significant impact upon business profitability. Join Davy McCracken and John Holland, as they talk about carbon and biodiversity as opportunities for upland businesses to consider as we transition through to the new stewardship schemes. Reference will be made to the experiences of SRUC hill farms at Kirkton and Auchtertyre, where work is being undertaken focusing on these themes.

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What is Carbon for Farming?

The Carbon for Farming project from SAC Consulting is one of 19 projects funded through the FFR programme, and aims to provide information on the Transition, and how carbon management fits into opportunities for future farm resilience. PLUS, funded baseline carbon assessments and carbon management plans.

FFR funded projects are open to farming businesses in England with an eligible SBI number. Businesses can only take part in one of the 19 FFR projects. Once you have selected your preferred project, you will not be able to transfer to a different FFR project.

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