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Agrecalc Case Studies

Find out how we work with our partners and what we have achieved for them. Agrecalc case studies feature our work with all the actors across the food supply chain, and we will be populating this page with many more results of our successful collaborations. 

Developing sustainable farming systems with AgriSearch

AgriSearch set out to benchmark carbon sequestration on farm, quantify the benefit of ecosystem services provided by farmers, and encourage the development of innovative, resilient and sustainable farming systems. They choose Agrecalc for its ability to generate emissions at an enterprise level, which was essential for their project objectives.

Emissions scenario testing in alternative farrowing systems

Learn how Agrecalc helped to model potential impacts of introducing variables such as increased piglet mortality, providing extra straw for enrichment and quicker indoor finishing.

Tackling emissions in the berry supply chain with SAC Consulting and Angus Soft Fruits

Angus Soft Fruits is a leading supplier of berries to UK & European retailers, ensuring year-round supply of berries direct to the customer. Working with the Food and Footprint team at SAC Consulting, they are taking action to reduce carbon emissions in the berry supply chain.

Reducing emissions in a commercial suckler herd

In this Agrecalc case study, read how the sum of small gains allowed for 48.52% increase in output between the first audit in 2017 and the third audit in 2020, and the total emissions per kilo of output were reduced by 34%.

Fostering awareness of resource input on a traditional beef and sheep farm

The farm has seen reductions in emissions while maintaining high output over the three years of the auditing process. At the same time, they have been made aware of their inputs, and the carbon audits highlighted the areas to improve the business that otherwise would not have been obvious.

Cost savings in the food production in Orkney

After having compared against enterprises of similar size with Agrecalc‘s benchmarking capability, the savings on silage and hard feed were quite substantial.

Investing in data for nature-based projects - with SRUC and Lauriston Farm

This case study video from SRUC’s Thriving Natural Capital Centre explains why it is useful to invest in data collection to establish baselines, and prove changes through time. Presented by Dr Hannah Rudman.

Increasing feed efficiency with Devenish Nutrition and Queen's University, Belfast

A multinational livestock nutrition company and a prestigious education and research institution partnered with Agrecalc due to its capacity to calculate critical environmental indicators and produce meaningful research results.

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