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Small, but mighty!

Currently, the Agrecalc team consists of these core members. However, we’re looking forward to expanding! Check out our Vacancies page for more info.

Scott Davies, Chief Executive Officer

A life-long entrepreneur with a drive towards new commercial revenue activities. “I’ve had a long career within tech in start-up and SME size businesses, delivering solutions to markets that enhance business operations. As CEO of Agrecalc, my aim is to grow the company to deliver world leading solutions to the agricultural market supporting the needs of sustainable farming.
I have a passion in technological solutions and a desire to be able to support sustainable food production.”

Julian Bell, Agriculture Director and Principal Consultant

Agro-economist with thirty plus years in various roles within policy-making bodies, which have taken him around the world to work on sustainability markets and economics of agriculture. Agrecalc founder and responsible for leading the business development, and consultancy along the supply chain regarding carbon, feasibility and resource efficiency of crop production and rural business. “Carbon is a business issue, probably the business issue of our times. Reducing carbon emissions from agriculture has to be done, but it can only be done whilst maintaining and even improving profitability.”

Dr Rachael Ramsey, Head of Science and Research

An agroecologist and experienced project manager who specialises in the impact of management practices on agricultural systems, particularly the soil nutrient cycling, gaseous emissions and soil health. Responsible for the ongoing scientific development of Agrecalc, collaborations with academic and non-academic research partners and horizon scanning for new and upcoming tool developments. “We need to take a holistic approach to the sustainability and resilience of farming systems, the first step being, ‘Measure it, so that you can manage it’. Even after a decade in broader agricultural sustainability and ecology, each day is a learning day on the complex interactions between plant-soil-air-water-biodiversity in farming systems, and how best to manage them for multi-resource optimisation.”

Aleksandra Stevanovic, Head of Marketing

Former journalist, now SEO writer and Head of Marketing, combining two great loves of content creation and tech. Self-described geek who loves to get lost in data to find patterns and stories. In charge of turning Agrecalc marketing vision into strategy and tangible assets.
“I have worked in many amazing industries, and with incredible teams all over the globe, but environmental issues have always been close to my heart. And agriculture has a special place in my life because I grew up on a smallholding – whilst other kids played with dolls, I played with chickens and tended to my own small vegetable garden.”

Jessica Armstrong, Head of Customer Activity

A dynamic and collaborative professional with over 25 years experience planning and implementing business development and operational projects across a range of industries, sectors and cultures.
Successfully converting leads into clients, developing relationships with potential customers and suppliers, and supporting developing businesses while continuing to grow knowledge, skills and connections across the globe.
“Every step I took lead me to this very moment. Along the way I met many wonderful people, and knowing them has paved the way to my current role. I believe that integrity upholds our collective strength and stability, and agriculture is at the root of what sustains my existence.”

Thomas Jenkins, Agricultural Systems Modeller

Thomas is one of our Agricultural Systems Modellers, with a backround in ecology and ecosystem services. He helps to maintain and improve the calculations behind Agrecalc, and helps design new features for our platform. Thomas is also passionate about education and outreach, working to communicate the science behind carbon modelling to stakeholders across industry and academia. “You can’t value something if you don’t understand it. I’m always trying to learn more about the world so that I can understand and appreciate the benefits I get from it.

Agroecology and human-nature connections have been a core focus in my work to date. I have a special fondness for the cultural landscapes agriculture creates. They connect us to our history and can be an important source of wellbeing.”

Matt Wolstenholme, Business Development Manager

With 30 years’ experience working across engineering, technology, cybersecurity, e-mobility and now agriculture, Matt focuses on providing solutions and services to support business challenges and improvements. In Agrecalc, Matt’s remit is to enable enterprise users to secure licences and accessibility to Agrecalc Cloud, providing value to farm management portfolios and the wider food supply chain.

“I have always had an interest in the outdoors, and, over the past several years, an increasing interest in GHG emissions reduction and net zero goals. When I’m not working, I head to the nearest the loch for a day of fly-fishing bliss.”

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