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The Agrecalc team is working tirelessly to enable a smooth transition to self-service for the packages listed below. For the time being, please get in touch via the Contact us page, and our Consultants will guide you through the purchasing process.


Non-commercial use only
£ 0 Per farm per year

  • Ideal for:
    Individual farmers
    Individual students
    Non-commercial use
    Calculation of your carbon footprint
  • Includes:
  • Individual farm
  • One farm profile, one report per year
  • Access to calculations according to IPCC (2019) and PAS2050:11
  • Life-Cycle Analysis - whole farm, enterprise and product
  • Report validation - automated
  • Access to general industry benchmarks
  • Multiple reports
  • Scenario planning
  • Printing reports
  • Detailed industry benchmarks


Commercial use
£ 99
Per farm per year

  • Ideal for:
    Individual farmers
    Commercial use
    Lowering your carbon emissions and driving efficiency savings
  • Includes: Everything in Calculate, plus:
  • One farm profile - multiple reports / scenarios per year
  • What if? - Scenario planning
  • Printing reports
  • Report validation - manual by experienced consultant
  • Access to detailed industry benchmarks
  • Multiple scenarios

  • Multiple training options
  • Tailored portals

  • Group data reports


Commercial use
£ 125
Manage multiple farms
  • Ideal for:
    Supply chains
    Consultants - commercial use
  • Includes: Everything in Compare, plus:
  • Multiple farm profiles, multiple reports per year

  • What if? - Multiple scenario planning

  • Access to detailed industry and group benchmarks

  • Tailored portal* for supply chain groups, consultants - with group data report (*One-off portal set-up fee: £180.00)

  • Carbon plans

  • Mitigation and
    technical improvement



Commercial use
Contact the Agrecalc team
(Bespoke portal)
  • Ideal for:
    Supply chain groups
    Corporate farms
    Academic research
    PhD students
  • Includes: Everything in Connect, Plus:
  • Specialist enterprises, sectors or territories

  • Tailored emissions factors and regional data

  • Data analysis

  • Consultancy support

  • Carbon plans

  • Mitigation and technical improvement

For UK customers, all prices are subject to VAT. Agrecalc reserves the right to charge licence access for additional features and commercial services. Licence income is reinvested in the science that supports the development of new features and integration of novel mitigation measures. 

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Annual support packages are available on our plan for groups, supply chains, advisers and consultants. Our Support page, offering answers to the most frequently asked questions, can be accessed via our website. We are working on establishing a ticket system through which you will be able to ask for remote assistance.


We can help you set up and manage your account. The SAC Consultants in various parts of Scotland are already familiar with the tool, and can assist you with day-to-day needs of account management. A demo video is coming soon to our Resources page, so that the users can get more familiar with the inner workings of Agrecalc.


One-on-one training is offered via our Tailored package. Please speak to one of our colleagues for details when you Contact us.

A series of video-based tutorials will be available soon to the users who create the account via the Sign up page.


With more than fifteen years of practical experience, the SAC Consultants can help you input data and identify opportunities.

Delivering mitigation measures based on various fields of expertise, our colleagues in 25 offices across Scotland and northern England turn research into advice and advantage for business and public sector alike. Whether your business is the production of beef or biomass, grain or gin, SAC Consulting offers expertise, reach and local knowledge.

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