Agrecalc Cloud successfully launched at the Royal Highland Show 2023

More than 40 agricultural professionals attended the official Agrecalc Cloud launch at the prestigious Royal Highland Show, marking a significant milestone in the development of the agriculture resource calculator.

One of the first carbon calculators to enter the market when it launched in 2007, Agrecalc has been consistently iterated and developed based on intensive scientific research from Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) and feedback from farmers and the supply chain. To date, it has produced over 20,000 carbon reports for more than 9,000 farm enterprises.

The enhanced new platform, with all data held in the Cloud, includes a streamlined and easy-to-use interface as well as greater integration and flexibility with a wider list of crops and fertiliser inputs.

With its advanced features and powerful capabilities, Agrecalc Cloud aims to streamline carbon calculation processes, enhance productivity, and drive sustainable practices. 

Intuitive and comprehensive dashboard

One of the standout features of Agrecalc Cloud is its comprehensive and easily understandable dashboard. This intuitive interface provides users with easily consumable information.

Niall Depledge, Agrecalc Head of Product, said: “If you’re an existing Agrecalc customer, the first thing that will strike you is far superior user interface on the entire platform, fostering a more intuitive, streamlined and rewarding customer journey.
This will enable you to input your data easier, input your data faster, and view your results in a much more consumable fashion, leading to better decision making.”

Efficient resource management is at the heart of Agrecalc Cloud’s functionality. Niall added: “The reports in Agrecalc Cloud offer multiple new benefits, such as carbon footprints for multiple livestock herds, updated benchmarks to reflect the latest climate science, cutting-edge mitigation measures for scenario testing, and an interactive visual dashboard to help you understand your climate impact at a detailed level.

“In addition to its functionality, Agrecalc Cloud is extending its reach through integration to third-party solutions, which are widely used by the agricultural supply chain.

“This automatic transfer of data helps streamline information sharing, which is crucial to increasing efficiency and productivity”, concluded Niall.

Agrecalc Head of Product, Niall Depledge, demonstrating the capabilities of the new Agrecalc Cloud platform to agricultural professionals

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution, Agrecalc Cloud is the tool you want to use. Packed with new features, a greater level of customer self-service, it is built on a new cloud platform, which will enable Agrecalc to deliver solutions customers are demanding in a much quicker time frame than before.

Ushering a new era of innovation

In addition to the improved customer journey, the software also includes new GHG mitigation options including nitrification, urease and methane inhibitors, and the addition of Anaerobic Digestion as a manure management option. The market-leading precision Agrecalc has been able to hone working with science, farmer and supply chain feedback gives insights in real time. 

The launch of Agrecalc Cloud at the Royal Highland Show marks a new era for the company, which has established itself as an independent enterprise in 2022, though it retains its full research ties with SRUC and consultancy input from SAC Consulting.

An extensive knowledge base is in the making, as well as a higher level of self-service. Both the new and the existing customers will be able to contribute and help shape the future Agrecalc roadmap, through things like forums, polls and ideas portals.

Agrecalc Cloud was launched within the Innovation Corner, a space for the new and nascent businesses and initiatives, envisaged by the Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) as a space for the technologies and developments which will usher the future of agriculture and the management of natural capital.

In collaboration with the High Growth Spinout Programme from the Scottish Enterprise, Agrecalc has been able to deliver the next generation software-as-a-service platform, which aims to support both the existing and the new customer base in the years to come.

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Aleksandra Stevanovic

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