Low Carbon Agriculture Show 2024 a resounding success

More than two hundred people visited the stand for a chat and to see the demo of our cutting-edge platform-as-a-service, Agrecalc Cloud, making it the most successful event for Agrecalc so far.

More than two hundred visitors of the Low Carbon Agriculture Show 2024 stopped by our stand to say hello and to see the demo of our cutting-edge platform-as-a-service, Agrecalc Cloud, as well as to participate in our ‘Guess the footprint of a livestock feed’ competition. The winner has been announced on our social media channels, and will soon be receiving their whisky pack.

Measure and benchmark your resource use first, says Julian Bell

The turnout exceeded all expectations, creating unforgettable moments for the team and everyone involved. In particular, the Carbon Farming session on Day 1, at the Environmental Business Theatre, was a packed and engaging event.

In addition to insightful presentations by industry leaders like Andrew Ferguson from the Waitrose & Partners Farm, Leckford Estate, Ian Thompson from Laurence Gould Partnership, and James Elliot from Green Alliance, Agrecalc’s Principal Consultant and Agriculture Director, Julian Bell, delivered a compelling address on ‘Understanding your current levels and sources of emissions’.

The presentation detailed opportunities that lie in the uptake of low carbon farming measures, like productivity improvements and reduction of emissions from soils, for example. He also demonstrated, through case studies, how knowing your baseline numbers and applying scenario planning, can add up percentage-wise, to reach the targets set by the UK and international governments.

Chaired by Delyth Lewis-Jones, AHDB’s Head of Environment, the session drew a full house, with attendees overflowing into the aisles. Following the presentations was a stimulating discussion that left the audience eager for more information, culminating in a resounding round of applause for the speakers.

Agrecalc's Agriculture Director and Principal Consultant, Julian Bell, engaging the audience during his presentation

Key messages from Agrecalc's presentation during the Carbon Farming session were: know your numbers, identify business hotspots, make decisions based on data and reduce emissions through increased resource efficiency. Choose a tool and stay with it, so you can remeasure year after year - your best benchmark is yourself.

Every seat filled in the Environmental Business Theatre, with attendees overflowing into the aisles.

The event reaffirms collective commitment

Scott Davies, Agrecalc’s CEO, said: “We want to extend our gratitude to everyone who stopped by and said hello to us at the Low Carbon Agriculture Show and to those who continuously support us year after year, whether at events, online, or through the Agrecalc platform.

“We are are very happy with what we’ve done at the show and are looking forward to continuing on our path to success on the back of it. This year’s show has underscored the pivotal role of innovation and sustainability in shaping the future of agriculture. It continues to serve as a hub for industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to converge, exchange ideas, and chart a course towards a greener, more resilient agricultural sector.

“The enthusiasm and engagement witnessed at the event reaffirm the collective commitment of stakeholders to embrace low-carbon practices and drive positive change within our industry. From cutting-edge technologies to actionable insights, the Low Carbon Agriculture Show 2024 has provided invaluable resources to empower farmers and stakeholders alike in their journey towards sustainability.”

The team in conversation with LCAS2024 visitors.

"The enthusiasm and engagement witnessed at the event reaffirm the collective commitment of stakeholders to embrace low-carbon practices and drive positive change within our industry. We will now aim to carry forward the momentum generated by this event and continue to harness the transformative power of low-carbon agriculture."

Looking forward to next year

The Agrecalc team has already secured our spot at the upcoming Low Carbon Agriculture Show in 2025.

Thanks to the incredible organisation by Agriconnect and the extensive coverage from Farmers Guardian, we anticipate that this event will once again be a cornerstone of the agricultural calendar.

We look forward to seeing you there and making meaningful connections in the industry. Get ready for another remarkable year at LCAS 2025!

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