Join us at the Royal Highland Show for the launch of Agrecalc Cloud

Be among the first to experience the future of farm carbon calculation and management, at the highly anticipated Royal Highland Show on Friday, June 23rd, 2023, with two sessions dedicated to Agrecalc: at 2 and 3 PM.

Join us in the SRUC pavillion – marked below on the map of the venue – on 7th Avenue of the Royal Highland Centre in Ingliston, near Edinburgh.

The award-winning farm carbon calculator, Agrecalc, is showcasing its state-of-the-art version of the platform – Agrecalc Cloud – as part of the Innovation Corner, a space for the new and nascent businesses and initiatives, envisaged by the Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) as a space for the technologies and developments which will usher the future of agriculture and the management of natural capital.

Royal Highland Show 2023 map of the venue.
Find the SRUC pavilion next to the Main Ring.

A new chapter in a 16-year evolution

It is an exciting new chapter in the evolution of Agrecalc, which has recently been created as a standalone company, thus continuing the commitment of SRUC to be an enterprise university at the heart of natural economy.

As a carbon calculation tool, Agrecalc has existed since 2007 and has, in its evolving iterations, supported more than 10,000 users, and has produced more than 20,000 carbon reports.

In collaboration with the High Growth Spinout Programme from the Scottish Enterprise, Agrecalc has been able to deliver the next generation software-as-a-service platform, which aims to support both the existing and the new customer base in the years to come.

"Agrecalc Cloud is intuitive to use with new additional help text, tool tips, release notes and a support portal ensuring a greater level of customer self-service. A knowledge base will also available with a user guide and other useful information."

Discover the power of Agrecalc Cloud

What can you expect from Agrecalc Cloud? Some of the amazing features and benefits that await you are:

  • Purpose-built and user-friendly interface: We’ve listened to the feedback of more than ten thousand users and incorporated those suggestions into Agrecalc Cloud. Our platform boasts a new, purpose-built interface that is easy to use, intuitive, and designed specifically with users in mind.
  • Manage multiple livestock herds and flocks: Agrecalc Cloud allows you to efficiently run multiple livestock herds and flocks per farm to optimise your farm’s productivity.
  • Apply multiple organic materials and manures: With Agrecalc Cloud, you have the flexibility to apply multiple different organic materials and manures to each crop. This empowers you to maximise soil health and fertility, leading to higher yields and sustainable farming practices.
  • Anaerobic digestion as manure management: We are excited to introduce a new Anaerobic Digestion option within Agrecalc Cloud. This integrated system enables you to transfer manures from your livestock to specific crops effortlessly. By streamlining this process, we save you valuable time and enhance efficiency on your farm.
  • Expanded selection of crops, fertilisers, and feeds: Agrecalc Cloud offers an extensive list of crops, fertilisers, and feeds to choose from. Our platform empowers you with a wide range of options, enabling you to make informed decisions on productivity and sustainability.
  • Enhanced GHG mitigation options: Agrecalc Cloud introduces new GHG mitigation options, providing you with tools to assess and improve your farm’s environmental impact.
  • And much more!

"Both existing and prospective customers will see that Agrecalc Cloud stands head and shoulders above the competition and can be safely assured that their voice will be heard in shaping the future direction of the product and being responsive to their ever-changing requirements."

Visit the stand for a chat and a demo

By transitioning to a cloud-based system, we can make regular updates and enhancements to the platform seamlessly in the background, without our users experiencing any downtime in the service. 

The next steps we’re planning involve enabling self-service, expanding our knowledge base and the opportunity to contribute your ideas and suggestions, actively participating in our platform roadmap and ensuring it aligns with your evolving needs.

At the Royal Highland Show, our team of experts will be available to guide you through the platform’s features, answer your questions, and provide valuable insights. Contact us via the button below to secure one-to-one conversations and demos during both days of Agrecalc’s presence (Thursday, June 22nd and Friday, June 23rd).

Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of technological advancements in agriculture. We look forward to welcoming you at the Royal Highland Show!

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