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Our wide range of services helps companies build, grow, and improve environmental performance

Agrecalc is a precise carbon measurement tool that can help lots of industries either benchmark where they are, or integrate for better collaboration and awareness-raising.

We support the food industry, whether you’re a producer or processor, procurement manager or sustainability officer. We can help you increase efficiency whether you’re running a single farm, or managing a number of them, whether they have a single enterprise or a variety of them. 

We are here to guide you and facilitate understanding and compliance with both international, national and regional policies, targets and guidelines.

Agrecalc springs out of the latest SRUC research and scientific thinking – cutting-edge thought leadership and initiatives that translate visions into tangible assets. Contact our team to see how we can partner up.

woman assessing the quality of vegetables in a wholesale environment

Food industry - procurement

You need to keep the business running, and you need a just-in-time tool for carbon emissions. Agrecalc can help you with both with your immediate compliance challenges, as well as with longer-term sustainability strategies.

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Farm businesses

You need a seamless handover between yourself, the producer, and others in the supply chain, in this new world of carbon footprinting. Agrecalc offers farmers the options of a free non-commercial use of the tool. To help further with compliance, additional benchmarking, mitigation and what-if scenario planning are a possibility.

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man holding ripe good looking potatoes in front of a large potato storage

Agricultural consultants

You want to provide the best service to your clients and identify the areas in the food supply chain that need improvement. Agrecalc can help you discover the implementation points and keep customer satisfaction and retention high.

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Corporate farms

You want to improve efficiency, ensure sustainability of your operation and lead the way of adapting to the future of agriculture. Agrecalc is here to support implementing change and enhancing environmental performance in your supply chain.

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Policy makers

You need to be compliant with international guidelines and meet targets set by the international community. Agrecalc is committed to module development that can inform policy, underpin research, support education, and help shape supply chain standards.

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Technology and data providers

You are keen to automate and integrate cross-technology systems that can increase productivity, drive change and champion the environment. Agrecalc can help you with seamless data migration for CSR level reporting, as well as granular production unit reporting via APIs.

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scientist holding a glass tube with a sprouting plant in it

Science and research

You want to be able to scenario-test various outcomes to inform policy makers, academia and research, as well as add value to projects. Agrecalc can offer custom module development with country-specific coefficients. It is the new research that drives the Agrecalc engine too.

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