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Agricultural consultants are uniquely positioned as a vital link between agricultural producers, policy makers and research and development within the industry. You need to keep up to date with the latest environmental and agricultural schemes, the latest technology, and the economy trends.

You are constantly on an upward trajectory to improve the range of services you offer to clients and drive the value you deliver. To do that, you need to increase your knowledge base in the area of agricultural emissions space in terms of both footprinting and mitigation advisory.

To be able to serve your clients in the best possible way, you need the ability to use and understand carbon footprinting software, and the best option for you is one that:

  • has the ability to handle large volumes of farm data sets, which may each have multiple reports
  • can access benchmark data to drive your advisory work
  • has the data that is defensible and rigorously calculated for your clients.
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Leader in carbon footprinting software

Agrecalc is a leader in the carbon foot printing software sector amongst agricultural consultants. Our platform allows consultants to manage a large volume of farm data sets easily and seamlessly through our portal feature, a single point of access for all staff in an agri-consulting firm. In addition to our training sessions in farm carbon footprinting and mitigation advisory for farm consultants, we aim to regularly post value rich content on carbon footprinting and advisory around mitigation solutions.

Agrecalc was built by agricultural consultants at SAC Consulting with practical aspect of the farm business in mind. Our platform has an unrivalled database of benchmark data on all kinds of agricultural systems and their product emissions. Agrecalc adheres to IPCC methodologies and is PAS:2050 accredited, with each individual report currently validated in person by a consultant after submission.

Key features of the tool

Agrecalc for Consultants has a Portal feature that allows a single point of access – to see all your organisation’s farms, or clients’ farms simultaneously from each of their logins.

With an access to large emissions benchmarking datasets, a regional and country level analysis is enabled. You have access to insights of a wide variety of agricultural systems, with the numbers in thousands and growing.

Agrecalc adheres to IPCC (2019) and PAS 2050:11 supply chain standards throughout, with imminent plans for the tool to have appropriate ISO accreditation. Emission calculations for all livestock and farm enterprise types follow IPCC (2019) Tier I and II emission calculations, with calculations being updated to match the National GHG Inventory.

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Supported by unrivalled on-farm expertise

Agrecalc is supported by by on-farm experience and expertise of SAC Consultants, who engage with users on a daily basis. FBAASS-certified, SAC Consulting experts validate all the data entered, to ensure data quality. The consultants have access to a large database of validated carbon datasets.

Agrecalc has the ability to capture all farm enterprises, with the results expressed as whole farm, or allocated by enterprise and product. It also has operational modules on carbon sequestration from woodlands, hedges and soils. 

Currently in development is the API-led connectivity to multiple databases including, for example, livestock movement records, and GFLI for feed inputs. Future plans involve even greater connectivity to other data platforms.

Our work speaks for itself

We’ve had a number of clients for these past 16 years, and collaborated with Consultants both in Scotland and throughout the UK. Our partnership with SAC Consulting and SRUC is ever-evolving. 

We have supported many initiatives through the years, one of the largest being Farming for a Better Climate.

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