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the farm carbon calculator to lower emissions and increase productivity

About Us

Supporting agriculture achieve a net-zero future while increasing production efficiency

Agrecalc is a carbon footprint tool developed by SAC Consulting together with SRUC researchers. It enables farm enterprises to identify and measure emissions, benchmark key performance indicators, identify mitigation strategies and monitor improvements.

We will help deliver net-zero emissions from food production while increasing the level of both efficiency and farm productivity.

Agrecalc only employs the latest validated scientific methodologies and encourages practical mitigation measures.

Accurate Farm Carbon Report

Agrecalc produces precise carbon footprint reports for all farm enterprises

Run Simulations
Run and Compare Scenarios

Simulate scenarios to understand the impact of changes and monitor progress

Group Access Portals

Easily manage groups and compare performance across different systems

Efficient Mitigation
Efficient Mitigation Solutions

Identify practical and green management practices to boost productivity

Agrecalc is



Independent Carbon Assessment



Latest Verified Scientific Methods


Easy to use

Practical Enough to Use on Farm



Suggests Cost-Effective Solutions

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SAC Consultants

Working with the Scottish Government, helping farmers measure their emissions.

Videos were funded by the Scottish Government and European Union as part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme Beef Efficiency Scheme.

Our Mission

To give everyone involved in agriculture access to a trusted tool to analyse an operation’s carbon footprint and pave the way to environmentally friendly and efficient food production systems.


Based on science & Built on experience


The IPCC is the internationally accepted authority on climate change, providing reports that embody the consensus between the leading climate scientists and the participating governments.

Their aim is to organise and present objective, scientific information crucial to understanding the scientific basis of the threat of human-induced climate change, its impacts and risks, and possible actions.


Researchers at SRUC translate the science into a series of comprehensive models, which come together and form Agrecalc.

This approach promotes the transformation of the world-class research being undertaken across SRUC into excellence and impact for the agricultural sector.


SAC consultants work together with farmers to provide a practical view of real-world issues, which guides every step of the development process. 

Our consultants transfer innovative research results from the academic environment into the hands of farmers and organisations who can put it to practical use.

We bring you a powerful carbon footprint tool that is constantly growing and evolving

We are translating the latest science into new features and practical modules for Agrecalc. We help farmers measure their environmental impact and plan mitigation strategies to offset their emissions.

The more you use Agrecalc, the stronger it gets.

Let's work together to find solutions for sustainable farming.

This helps our researchers to work in continuously improving Agrecalc and deliver a state-of-the-art platform that constantly increases in power and accuracy.

Facts about Agrecalc

  • 2007 Begin as an Excel-based tool developed by SAC Consulting farm advisors and supported by SRUC researchers.
  • 2010 Use for pig and poultry supply chain assessments, working together with feed companies.
  • 2014 First web-based version with thousands of farm data sets launches.
  • 2016 The Scottish Government selects Agrecalc to support the Farm Advisory Service and the Beef Efficiency Scheme.
  • 2018 A novel module calculating ammonia is developed for offline use in pigs and poultry farming enterprises.
  • 2020 3,000+ farms now using Agrecalc. Novel soil carbon sequestration module launched.
  • 2021 Watch out for the new cloud-based platform coming soon.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a part of the United Nations (UN) that was established in 1988 and was later endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly.

IPCC reports mainly contain comprehensive information that improves our understanding of climate change and its potential impacts, options for adaptation and mitigation, which are based on scientific, technical and socio-economic evidence.

Thousands of scientists and other experts contribute to writing and reviewing reports, which are then subject to approval by representatives from participating governments of more than 120 countries.

In 2007, IPPC was presented with a Nobel Peace Prize, shared with Al Gore, "for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change."

SRUC (Scotland’s Rural College) is a world-renowned institution providing sector-leading research, education and consultancy focused on rural, environmental and land-based activities.

The underlying work of this dynamic research community benefits the rural economy and rural communities by addressing issues of health and productivity in animals and crops, promoting low carbon farming and increasing farm output through efficiency and innovation.

SAC Consulting displays a long history of supporting and advising land-based businesses in the rural economy to optimise agricultural outcomes and supply chains, always in balance with the environment and in line with national agricultural policy.

The organisation remains independent of any trade products and services while offering end-to-end services ranging from business advice to soil nutrition, to livestock and agronomy, to branding and marketing of food products.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Products (PAS 2050:2011) is an independent and widely recognised standard providing requirements and guidelines on specific issues relevant for carbon footprints, including land-use change, carbon uptake, biogenic carbon emissions, soil carbon change, and green electricity.

It was introduced in 2008 and was revised in 2011, with the aim of providing a consistent internationally applicable method for quantifying product carbon footprints.

It is a specification for assessing product life cycle GHG emissions, prepared by BSI British Standards and co-sponsored by the Carbon Trust and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) that was developed with significant input from international stakeholders and experts across academia, business, government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

- Combines SRUC world-class standard research with practical on-farm expertise

- Conforms to IPCC calculations for all livestock types & PAS 2050:11 supply chain standards

- Calculates whole farm, enterprise & product emissions, as well as on a unit of production basis

- Captures forestry and soil carbon sequestration along with renewable energy production

- Covers the full range of mainstream agricultural systems and food sectors

- Constructs and runs scenarios for carbon mitigation solutions and provides tailored group Portals

- Contributes to all farmers accessing the latest science on Climate Change, while licence income is used to support novel features

- Confidence as Agrecalc is trusted by 3,000+ enterprises across the food supply chain and is part of various strategic government programmes

Agrecalc Carbon Calculations

Agrecalc uses your data inputs to calculate your tailored carbon footprint.

Agrecalc requires information that is close at hand to produce a useful and meaningful outcome for you.

Land & Crop

Land & Crop

Crop area
Fertiliser use
 Yield & output
Manure application



Purchased feed
Age at slaughter
Weight & growth rate
Production level & output

Energy & Waste

Energy & Waste


Electricity & fuel use

Agrecalc Carbon Calculations

Agrecalc uses your data inputs to calculate your tailored carbon footprint.

Agrecalc requires information that is close at hand to produce a useful and meaningful outcome for you.

Land & Crop

Land & Crop

Crop area
Fertiliser use
Yield & output
Manure application



Purchased feed
Age at slaughter
Production level & output

Energy & Waste

Energy & Waste

Electricity & fuel use

Case Studies

Farming For a Better Climate

A farmer-led initiative exploring practical ways to move towards net-zero emissions.

Why use Agrecalc?

Because it identifies the source of emissions associated with an activity or a product and highlights areas to improve that will reduce emissions and save money.

Beef Efficiency Scheme (BES)

A £45 million scheme to improve the overall efficiency of the national beef herd.

Why use Agrecalc?

Because it is easy to use and offers farmers a chance to look at mitigation options that could reduce emissions and improve profitability.

Devenish & Queen's University Belfast

A multinational livestock nutrition company and a prestigious education and research institution.

Why use Agrecalc?

Because it has the capacity to calculate critical environmental indicators and produce meaningful research results. 

Grosvenor Farms Limited

Grosvenor Farms Limited is an award-winning commercial farm on the Eaton Estate near Chester.

Why use Agrecalc?

Because the reports produced are very informative and easily understood, while it helps to establish clear objectives for continuous improvement.

Plans & Pricing


from £75 per Year
  • Includes

    · One Agrecalc Profile

    · Carbon Report Validation Check

    · Optional 1 hour Introduction and Support for Additional £70

    · Access to detailed benchmarks

  • Ideal For

    ✔ Individual farmers

  • Lower your carbon emissions and drive efficiency savings!


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  • Includes

    · Multiple Agrecalc + Farm Profiles

    · Introduction and Support

    · Tailored Portal for Groups

    · Training Options

  • Ideal for

    ✔ Groups - Supply Chains - Advisers - Consultants

  • Our business is a greener and more efficient food producer!

All prices are subject to VAT. Agrecalc reserves the right to charge licence access for additional features and commercial services. Licence income is reinvested in the science that supports the development of new features and integration of novel mitigation measures.

Meet the Agrecalc team

Accurate Science and Social Responsibility. We are Here to Help, One Farm at a Time.


Julian Bell

Head of Business Development

Head of Business Development

Julian is responsible for setting the strategic direction for delivery management, defining and implementing standards and processes.

Anna Sellars

Anna Sellars

Head of Customer Support and Training 

Head of Customer Support and Training

Anna manages customer support and delivery of commercial work including market research, policy and economic analysis, and resource benchmarking using Agrecalc.


Prof Bob Rees

Principal Scientific Advisor


Principal Scientific Advisor

Bob provides leadership with information on technical and scientific issues, while overseeing all key scientific initiatives, research efforts an ongoing programmes related to Agrecalc activities.

ND photo BW

Niall Depledge

Head of Product

Head of Product

Niall is responsible for Product development, management and marketing to determine what solutions meet the needs of our customers now and in the future.

AL photo SAC

Andrew Lacey

Head of SAC Consulting

Head of SAC Consulting

Andrew’s role is to provide strategic leadership while guaranteeing that Agrecalc’s overall business plan remains robust, setting agendas and ensuring an effective working group.

Rachael Ramsey SAC Consulting BW 300x300 (1)

Rachael Ramsay

Head of Science & Research

Head of Science

Rachael is responsible for the development and execution of the Agrecalc Science and Research strategy, ensuring that the platform always incorporates the latest scientific thinking on the effects of agriculture on climate change, the risks faced and possible mitigations.


Victoria McDowell

SAC Consulting

SAC Consulting Sponsor

Victoria helps to identify growth opportunities for Agrecalc. She is customer-focused and provides guidance on continuously improving Agrecalc services.


Andrew Bauer

Head of National Programs

Head of National Programs

Andrew is currently responsible for the large public sector contracts, alongside promoting the value of Agrecalc to policymakers and key stakeholders.

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