Tech and data providers

Supporting technology and data providers via API integrations

In a constantly-changing world of software development, you need to identify and anticipate your clients’ needs to add value to your company’s products and services. You are keen to automate and integrate cross-technology systems that can increase productivity, drive change and champion the environment.

You are able to recognise additional ways to use data produced by various applications, among which, a carbon calculation tool. This data can elevate other software products, whether they are a part of agritech space or not.

You need a piece of software that can:

  • easily integrate into existing products and services (e. g. Xero)
  • has the ability to collate and analyse data anonymously and safely
  • fit into clients’ needs 
  • can support interaction with application databases (e. g. ScotEID)
  • can cross-reference for compliance and is capable of validating identity
  • has the ability to justify and analyse outcomes for audit purposes
  • is compliant with research and supply chain standards

Drawing from real data

Agrecalc is currently developing technologies for seamless integration with different systems in the background via an Application Program Interface (API). These will act as a bridge to transfer data between applications by allowing for the push and pull of automated information. In other words, future Agrecalc APIs will allow various databases to talk to each other. 

API integrations save time, reduce manual tasks, and offer an increased range and depth of data. In v3.0 Agrecalc will be capable of drawing from the thousands of real and verified datapoints in the system. 

Benefits of connecting through an API integration

APIs allow for transfers of large amounts of data that will inform reports and insights. 

APIs allow for many tasks to be automated, for example tracking and connection of analytics. This also allows for increased data visualisation on the activities occurring on various systems.

As there are many ways to connect various systems and applications, feel free to speak with us regarding your custom API needs.

person working on a computer showing lots of code

What else Agrecalc does

Agrecalc has the ability to capture all farm enterprises, with the results expressed as whole farm, or allocated by enterprise and product. It also has operational modules on carbon sequestration from woodlands, hedges and soils. 

Our experts validate all the data entered, to ensure data quality. The consultants have access to a large database of validated carbon datasets, with the numbers in thousands and growing. 

Currently in development is the API-led connectivity to multiple databases including, for example, Scot EID, and GLFI for feed inputs. Future plans involve even greater connectivity to other data platforms.

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