person working on advanced computer screens; product release notes

Product Release Notes

Agrecalc is committed to regularly updating you on improvements to our software. This is where you'll find the latest update information.

Agrecalc Cloud - available July 2023

  • An improved user interface – simpler and easier to use based on experience and feedback gained from over 10,000 users to date.
  • The ability to run more than one livestock herd or flock per farm.
  • The ability to apply multiple different organic materials and manures to each crop.
  • The addition of Anaerobic Digestion as a manure management option.
  • A much wider list of crops, fertilisers and feeds from which to select.
  • A number of new GHG mitigation options including:
    • Nitrification / urease inhibitors and protected fertilisers
    • Methane inhibitors (3NOP)
  • An integrated system for transferring manures from livestock to specific crops saving time.
  • Enhanced pig input screens – facilitating the effective handling of multiple batches of animals per year saving time.
  • Tool-tips and additional Help Text
  • Support Portal
  • API to integrate to third party applications
  • Greater auto population of fields , increasing accuracy and saving time


Further releases will involve: biodiversity, agroforestry, peatlands, ammonia, nitrate feed additives, enhanced reporting, and much more!

Updates 2022

01/11/2022 – Nitrous oxide equations for fertiliser and manure application updated to tier 2 method to better reflect UK conditions and farms with UK postcodes.

Updates 2019 - 2021

11/01/2021 – Energy co-efficients updated 

02/09/2019 – Inclusion of Autumn Calving Lowland Suckler Cows as an additional beef system.

Updates 2018

20/01/2018 – Further checks added to input sections that highlight if required data has not been entered; store lamb enterprise bug fix; enterprise net output added to key performance indicators; calculation to show the difference between energy and waste usage by the whole farm and each enterprise, crop and land use; ability to enter feed ration data for pig and poultry enterprises.

Updates 2017

27/12/2017 – Inclusion of the option for Agrecalc to calculate and allocate electricity and fuel use between land uses, crops and enterprises

27/12/2017 – Inclusion of calf creep feed in purchased feeds

27/12/2017 – Amalgamation of male and female lambs

27/12/2017 – Emission and resource use results are calculated for individual forage crops

30/06/2017 – User guidance updated to provide information on home produced organic manure applications to crops that are sold off the farm

26/06/2017 – Bug fix was made to the benchmarks used in the AgRE Reports

25/01/2017 – Checks have been added to the input sections that highlight if required data has not been entered

02/02/2017 – Additional purchased feeds have been added and feed emissions factors have been updated to remain in line with industry standards